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DPS Mathura Road - January 1997

Welcome DiPSites! counterDiPSites served since 1st March 98.

You are viewing the DiPSites archive. These pages contain old data (for historical purposes) which is not being updated.
Please go to DiPSites Live! for Current DiPSites information or to update your information.

pin What's new?

Now featuring - live updates (beta version)! I have finally taught myself php/mysql. As a result, I would suggest that you submit your information at the new, DiPSites Live! site. All entries submitted since December 15th 2004 are in the New Database. If you have an entry in the old database (the pages you are currently seeing with the "DiPSites" logo at the top), please register in the new database (pages with "DiPSites Live!" logo at the top) while you are here. I will (slowly) be moving all entries from the old (static) database to the new (dynamic) database, at which point the old database will be archived.

This website has passed the 1225 member mark! Please refer to the quick look page for summaries and the detailed look page for all the green and white details...

Thanks to each and every one of you for participating and making this site successful. Keep those comments and suggestions coming - I am constantly tweaking the site to provide you with the best possible DiPSites experience! If you haven't updated your data in the recent past, please use the database form to submit an update. Thanks!

pin Where do I start?

I hope you brought your nostalgia hats with you - for these pages are guaranteed to take you back to the memories of DPS - or your money back!!! The "site capsule" page is a good place to start - or take your pick from the links at the bottom of this page - have fun! When you are done looking for batchmates and reliving the good old days, do check out the latest News and send me some feedback on Dipsites International! And, if you have your own webpage, please create a link to these pages - thanks!

pin Why did I bother?

I think this quote sums it all up in true DPS fashion:

It's great to have this site. I was dreadfully jealous of Modern. - Deepta Ghate 1995 RKP

P.S. I began this site long before I had even heard of the "Modern" site ;-]

pin What's on your mind?

Faiz Hakim,1981 MR writes:

Love the site and reading about different people. Do you notice how successful most of the people are? Actually it could be that the ones who do write belong to that group. Nonetheless, I would like to think it was the good foundation we all received at DPS!

pin How do I Register?

In order to be added to the DiPSites database, please fill out this Database form.

pin Background and History of this site

These DiPSites pages were started in December 1995 and the current census includes members from India, USA, Canada, UK, Austria, Finland, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Australia! I really hope that the pages will grow into a unique and dynamic resource for the DiPSites community.

These pages were born out of my first posting to soc.culture.indian.delhi, which brought emails from fellow DiPSites looking for other DiPSites. I even got in touch with a 1982 batchmate after 14 years!! This prompted me to attempt to create this database of DiPSites on the internet.

For the purpose of these pages, a DiPSite is defined as any graduate of the family of Delhi Public School(s) in India. All graduates from Mathura Road, R.K.Puram, NOIDA, Hardwar and Manipur (and other newer branches) are welcome to be part of this internet society!!

pin Messages from the alma-mater

Rajarshi Sen, 1980 MR, passes along this sad news regarding our beloved Principal, Shri Din Dayal. Thank you, we all really appreciate hearing from the alma-mater! (if there are any teachers surfing this site, please, let us hear from you - thanks!)
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